Our Readers – Who are they?

People on the go; over 150,000 affluent people from Broward, South Palm Beach Counties, and beyond read the Around Town Newspaper, an up-beat, informative newspaper. Qualified writers share their expertise in the fields of news, entertainment, music, theater, fashion, health and beauty, food and wine, sports, travel, humor, social events, (friendly) gossip, etc…, and feature profiles of interesting people, and editorials on “gutsy” events. There are over a hundred names and pictures of people in every issue. Around Town’s searching camera eye captures people on the go in the midst of good fellowship and friendly surroundings.

Around Town is read by all types of professionals and business people, and those of any age who gets around town and enjoys the good life. It includes those who like to dress well, drive nice cars, have nice homes, and enjoy fine dining, theatre, entertainment and all the luxuries life has to offer.