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Author, Screenwriter, Freelance Journalist, Poet
Author, Screenwriter, Freelance Journalist, Poet

Patrick has been writing for The Hollywood Times for over 2 years now and has reviewed short films, indie films, books, and documentaries. Patrick has reviewed work for HBO, CBS All Access, ESPN Films, ID Discovery and more.  In an agreement with The Hollywood Times‘, publisher, Valerie Milano, has agreed to cross promote through Around Town News.  This is fantastic as the reputation of  The Hollywood Times precedes itself.

Patrick is a Sr. Software Engineer by day and writer by night. He’s working on the sequel to FUTURECAST called Target of Darkness which eerily is similar to what’s happening in our government today and he started writing that over 10 years ago. Here’s the synopsis of FUTURECAST:

Harold Keeley, a television weatherman, stumbles onto a system to control the weather after his friend and business partner, who designed the system, mysteriously dies in a car accident. Unbeknownst to him, the system also has weapons applications, the development of which have been paid for by a power-hungry billionaire businessman, and supported at the highest levels of the U.S. government. When Keeley experiments with the system in order to increase his television ratings, the results are deadly and the ultimate ramifications threaten the very future of the earth. It is up to Keeley, a doomed NASA astronaut abandoned in space, and a former undercover operative, recalled to duty for one last mission to disable the system and remove the threat of an imminent planet-wide catastrophe.

Pat is also the driving force behind his Sci-Fi feature film: Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER. Currently he’s speaking with Warner Bros. Studios and has pitched to Paramount for Star Trek and SONY for Abaddon.  Here’s the log line for Project Abaddon.

Haunted by loss, a struggling futuristic VR game designer stumbles upon clues surrounding the disappearance and supposed death of his father.  Aided by a mysterious alien warrior and a motley crew of interstellar life forms, he ventures out, first to Mars then into the far reaches of the galaxy to find the answers accidentally triggering an alarm installed by a hostile alien race that wants to annihilate all of humanity in order to save Earth.

So, sit back and enjoy Reviews by Pat and don’t forget to check out his debut novel: FUTURECAST on his website: and on Amazon and Kindle.  We hope you enjoy some of the reviews you’ll see here and please we welcome your feedback and suggestions.


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